Year 12 SACE Biology Exam Revision Seminars 2022

Fees: $77 (GST inc) per 45 minute session and $155 (GST inc) per 90 minute session.
Location: On Track Tuition – 67 King William Road Unley SA 5061.

Students may enrol in all or any number of the small, personalised sessions on offer, which will be capped at a maximum of either 3 or 6 students. This course is taught by highly motivating and passionate teacher, Jacqui Smoler who has over 25 years of experience teaching Year 12 students in SACE Biology in both public and independent schools in South Australia.

The revision program will specifically prepare students with the confidence and skills to answer multiple choice and short/extended response examination-style questions in the Year 12 SACE Biology examination 2022.

Bookings: Please phone Jacqui Smoler on 0412 056 774 or email: [email protected] to book into sessions.

Payment Method: Once you have booked in via phone or email an invoice will be emailed to you and payments can be made via Electronic Funds Transfer.

DNA and Proteins 1 and 2

  1. DNA structure, genes and chromosomes, Protein Synthesis, DNA Replication and Protein Structure.
  2. Enzymes, Gene expression and Mutations
  • Tuesday July 12th (1.30-3.00 pm) Max 3 students
  • Tuesday July 19th (1.45-3.15 pm) Max 3 students

DNA and Proteins 3

PCR, Electrophoresis, Electropherograms and Biotechnology

  • Wednesday July 13th (10.30 -11.15 am) Max 6 students
  • Wednesday July 20th (1.45-2.30 pm) Max 6 students

Cells 1 and 2

  1. Cell Theory, Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells and Photosynthesis
  2. Cell Respiration, Movement of Substances and Cell Metabolism
  • Wednesday July 13th (2.00-3.30 pm) Max 6 students
  • Thursday July 21st (1.45-3.15 pm) Max 6 students

Cells 3

Binary Fission, Mitosis and Meiosis, Cell Cycle and Cell Culture

  • Thursday July 14th (2.00-2.45 pm) Max 6 students
  • Friday July 22nd (1.45-2.30 pm) Max 6 students