I offer individualised programs to help your child tackle the specific academic issues they are facing at school. As an academic coach I can help your child to get back “on track” in the classroom as they gradually regain confidence in their own abilities.

High quality, specialist tuition is offered in both the current Australian National (Primary & Secondary) and the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) curricula, the latter of which includes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Years Programme (DP).

Maths & Science (Years 3 to 10)


Many students find numeracy skills particularly challenging in both primary and secondary school. I tutor many students in mathematics, particularly in the upper primary (Years 6/7) and lower secondary school (Years 8/9) years, so that each child is able to feel supported throughout the tuition experience in a sensitive manner. I often liaise collaboratively with the child’s subject teacher to better understand the current difficulties that they are having with mathematics at school. I take the time to help children of all year levels develop confidence in their basic numeracy skills such as times-tables, fractions and long multiplication, as difficulties in these areas are often at the core of many problems in mathematics, even in the secondary years. The appropriate methods for organising and setting out mathematical problems in a workbook, as well as strategies for effective problem solving are discussed, explicitly modelled and reinforced to ensure good preparation for tests and assignment work.


I can offer my wealth of experience in teaching Science to help inspire your child to both enjoy learning science and improve his/her knowledge and understanding. I provide assistance in the tuition of science content (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Physics), research/presentation strategies for assignments, construction of laboratory-based practical reports and strategies for effective test and examination preparation.

Biology (Years 11 to 12)

I am highly experienced and skilled in the delivery and assessment of both the Stage 1 & 2 South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), having taught the program throughout my career in a wide range of both public and independent South Australian schools. As a past examiner of SACE Year 12 Biology, I have an extensive understanding of the curriculum and assessment protocol that is required for students to be successful in both tests and the final examinations. I am also experienced and qualified in teaching the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) in Biology with highly successful student results in this subject in a range of high performing independent schools in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Students are provided with advice about how to develop their skills in the preparation of writing laboratory reports and essays using the scientific genre, as well as effective test/examination techniques. Consequently, parents can feel secure in knowing that their child is being trained by a true professional.

Literacy Skills for Dyslexia

I am a qualified Dyslexic tutor and currently hold a TSD 2 qualification after having completed an intensive training program under the guidance of Sally Andrew, Annette Brock and Alison Playford (Dyslexia Solutions). According to Bill Hansberry (Hansberry Consulting), this training is based on “a research-proven intensive, highly structured, cumulative multi- sensory program” which is underpinned by the Hickey Multi-sensory Model, “which is recognised world-wide as the gold standard in proven programs for dyslexic learners”. This program has not only helped clinically diagnosed Dyslexic students, but has also proven beneficial for those students with severe spelling and/or reading difficulties.

Study Skills

Schools do not always have a great deal of time to teach study skills. I provide explicit tuition in this highly important area. In secondary school, this often involves teaching students how to prepare for tests and examinations. Students are taught how to create and use their own individualised study timetables, by taking into account their personal commitments, such as part-time jobs and sport. In this way, students can be more proactive in their learning and develop confidence as independent learners. Primary school students for example, are shown how to plan ahead to meet deadlines for important assignments and are taught helpful strategies for test preparation and how to make more effective use of classroom time.

Adult Tuition

I am able to offer adult tuition in the following areas:

Numeracy Skills for Life and Work

Are you thinking of changing careers or taking up tertiary studies? I offer basic numeracy courses for adult students who wish to brush up on their mathematics in preparation for entry into various trades within TAFE. I have assisted several adults to make the transition into new careers such as the electrical trades and the Metropolitan Fire Service.

Study/Organisational Skills for Undergraduate Students

Help is also on hand for undergraduate Teacher Education students who require help in planning, researching and writing assignments. I can also provide assistance with academic in-text referencing and bibliographical documentation.